School Fundraising Ledyard CT, Groton CT, Stonington CT
School Fundraising

School Fundraising Ledyard CT, Groton CT, Stonington CT

The Sport known as ‘School Fundraising’ is a competitive perennial activity in New London County and all Connecticut schools. Busy students and parents are called upon to raise sorely needed money to keep basic athletic programs and other activities running in their high school and elementary schools. With the onset of Spring, student athletes and the community at large enjoys Spring Sports. Creative, successful school fundraising programs in Ledyard, Groton and Stonington are more important than ever. MCM Fundraising offers programs proven to be successful  and wants to help students and parents in Ledyard, Groton and Stonington make the most money from their efforts.

High School Sports Fundraising in New London County

Student athletes take their sports programs seriously and work very well together in teams. They are easy to motivate and inspire, especially when the cause is close to their hearts. Everyone looks forward to High school spring sports –  baseball, softball, track, and lacrosse. Sports equipment,  uniforms, insurance, transportation to and from games are all  expensive. Student athletes recognize the importance of earning needed funds their program. Young people working together as a group learn to set clear goals and gain valuable social skills, self confidence, and satisfaction. Money raised for your Ledyard, Groton and Stonington sports programs benefits the student athletes, the school, and enriches the community.

Elementary School Fundraising in New London County

Students in elementary school gain many benefits from participating in teams and groups. Students in Ledyard, Groton and Stonington in the elementary grades may be called upon to participate in raising money for their schools several times a year. In many communities throughout the country, budgetary constraints make fund raising necessary to pay for needed items, supplies, services and programs. The in-school and extracurricular activities in Ledyard, Groton and Stonington public elementary schools are expensive. Pushback from the taxpaying public to keep school budgets manageable may put important school programs at risk.

How Fund Raising builds character in elementary age students

There are benefits to getting out and raising money for an important cause. The process of working toward a common goal as a group is a skill students will build upon throughout life. Students learn to take part in a worthwhile social activity where his contribution makes a difference.  School children gain skills while learning to listen to ideas, form team goals, make decisions, make compromises and meet challenges in the process.

Money raised for Ledyard, Groton and Stonington elementary school equipment, supplies, and class trips benefits many people. Students who participate in fund raising take pride in their accomplishments, take ownership of a worthwhile cause, gain confidence and poise speaking on behalf of their cause, ultimately learn to help others. Early success builds confidence, teaches critical thinking, and there is much to be gained in the pursuit of meeting or exceeding team goals.

MCM Fundraising Offers Six Winning Programs

When MCM Fundraising participates with your school, we show you how to maximize your team efforts, how to publicize your drive, and offer sweet and delicious product lines proven to appeal to people of all ages.

The Lyman Orchards® Pies and Crisps, Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Dough and Kansas Maid™ Pastry brands offered by MCM will lead your Ledyard, Groton or Stonington CT fundraising team to sweet success. These brands are easy to sell in any season and make great desserts for the freezer. Lyman Orchards® pie and fruit crisp are locally made favorites and are enjoyed by all generations. The Otis Spunkmeyer® ready-to-bake cookie dough can be conveniently stored in the freezer until ready to use. Who can resist Kansas Maid™ Braided Pastries? Thaw, Rise, and Bake! Talk to the MCM Team today at 1-888-774-5889.