School Fundraising West Hartford CT, Avon CT, Bloomfield CT
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School Fundraising West Hartford CT, Avon CT, Bloomfield CT

MCM Fundraising has the experience and tools to help your West Hartford, Avon or Bloomfield School Fundraising Committee meet or exceed your goals. As your partner in Success, we show you how to pull your team together, instruct you in methods to publicize your drive, and offer a variety of successful Programs from which to choose. With the right incentives, students compete with one another in bringing in the most orders. The MCM Team has the programs, tools and experience to maximize your efforts and bring in up to 50% profits  for your schools.

High School Sports Fundraising in Hartford County

High school athletes are trained to work together toward a common goal. When their favorite sports are at stake, they understand the importance of their involvement in school fundraising. In the spring we all look forward to baseball, softball, track, and lacrosse. Insufficient money allocated toward high school sports makes year round fundraising a necessity these days. Sports equipment is expensive. Insurance is expensive. Transportation to and from games is expensive. Money raised for your West Hartford, Avon and Bloomfield sports programs benefits the student athletes, the school, and enriches the community.

Elementary School Fundraising in Hartford County

There are many communities all over Connecticut where insufficient budgets make fundraising a necessity to pay for needed supplies, services and programs. In-school and extracurricular activities in West Hartford, Avon and Bloomfield public elementary schools are expensive. In the interest of keeping the tax burden low, taxpayers in Connecticut commonly work to  lower the school budgets, threatening to eliminate enrichment programs and class trips. Elementary grade students in West Hartford, Avon and Bloomfield are asked to participate in fundraising efforts where budgets fall short.

How Fund Raising builds character in elementary age students

Young elementary age students that participate in raising money for their schools greatly benefit from the experience. There are valuable social skills learned in the early elementary grades in any group activity. The process of working toward a common goal as a group is a skill that youngsters will build upon throughout life. As a team member, the student learns to contribute ideas, listen to the ideas of others, form team goals, make decisions, and make compromises and concessions.

Money raised for West Hartford, Avon and Bloomfield elementary school equipment, supplies, and class trips benefits many people. Students who participate in fund raising take pride in their accomplishments, take ownership of a worthwhile cause, gain confidence and poise speaking on behalf of their cause, ultimately learn to enjoy helping others. Early success builds confidence, teaches critical thinking, and empowers youngsters as no other activity can.

MCM Fundraising Offers Six Winning Programs

When MCM Fundraising participates with your school, you will learn creative ways to publicize your drive. We have ideas for motivating your teams and inspiring competition for high sales among individual students. We offer six different Program choices featuring high quality products that please people from all generations.

The Lyman Orchards® Pies and Crisps, Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Dough and Kansas Maid™ Pastry brands offered by MCM will lead your West Hartford, Avon or Bloomfield CT fundraising team to sweet success. These brands are easy to sell in any season and make great desserts for the freezer. Lyman Orchards® pie and fruit crisp are locally made favorites and are enjoyed by all generations. The Otis Spunkmeyer® ready-to-bake cookie dough can be conveniently stored in the freezer until ready to use. Who can resist Kansas Maid™ Braided Pastries? Thaw, Rise, and Bake! Talk to the MCM Team today at 1-888-774-5889.