Month: November 2018
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School Fundraising – Scituate RI

All over Rhode Island school activities are disappearing due to budget cuts. Track, team sports, music, arts, trips and class activities are being eliminated due to budgetary shortfalls. We are MCM Fundraising, and we have successful fundraising programs that will quickly raise money your school needs. All over the northeast, we help elementary and high school… Read More

Happy Holidays

school fundraising waterbury ct

School Fundraising that Works – Waterbury CT

Successful Product Fundraising Don’t you want the formula for school fundraising that works? At MCM Fundraising Inc., we have helped schools like yours in Waterbury raise desperately needed money with less effort. We have a few school fundraising tips that may help your group increase revenues next fundraising season. MCM Fundraising is a professional fund… Read More

school fundraising

School Fundraising – Pawtucket RI

Group Fundraising Programs for Schools in RI When school administrators are asked to do more with smaller budgets, school fundraising must earn the money to provide essentials all over Rhode Island. Students risk losing essentials such as arts, music programs, sports equipment, computers, uniforms, activities and more. Twenty-one school districts have received less state aid… Read More

Elementary School Fundraising – New Haven CT

School Fundraising We are MCM Fundraising, and we have helped many groups kickstart their elementary school fundraising campaigns over the years. In an era of Connecticut school closings, teacher and staff reductions, budget shortfalls still exist. In Connecticut elementary schools, fundraising is being used to supplement school budgets. Money needs to be raised to supply students… Read More

School Fundraising

School Fundraising Programs – Manchester CT

School Fundraising in Manchester CT Seems it’s always the time of year for school fundraising programs. With MCM Fundraising we make fundraising fun and easy for students of all ages.  Not all schools are the same, that is why MCM Fundraising makes it our goal to offer a variety of popular and profitable products. We… Read More

School Fundraising

Group Fundraising – Hartford CT

Six Successful Group Fundraising Programs MCM Fundraising has six easy group fundraising programs that are favored by schools and charity drives all over the northeast. Product fundraising works!  MCM’s Programs feature consumable treats that everyone will enjoy.  As fundraising product distributors, MCM Fundraising provides an assortment of ready to bake products from  Kansas Maid™ Braided… Read More

High School Sports Fundraising – New London CT

For the best results in your high school sports fundraising efforts, enlist MCM Fundraising. We work with  hundreds of high school sports fundraising committees in the northeast. For team sports, gymnastics, track, and year round activities, MCM Fundraising has the tried and true programs that result in quick sales.  We offer delicious products that will appeal… Read More

Improve Your School’s Fundraising Sales – Bridgeport CT

Improve Your Connecticut School’s Fundraising Sales We are MCM Fundraising, and we can help improve your school’s fundraising sales. What are the secrets to a winning campaign?  Generating engagement and enthusiasm among your students at the beginning of the campaign is key. We would like to offer some methods used in schools across the region.  We… Read More

School Fundraising RI

MCM Fundraising has the experience and tools to help your School Fundraising Committees in Rhode Island meet or exceed their goals. When we come aboard, we become your partner in Success.  We show you how to pull your team together, instruct you in methods to publicize your drive, and offer a variety of Programs proven to appeal to people of all… Read More