Elementary School Fundraising – New Haven CT

Elementary School Fundraising – New Haven CT

School Fundraising

We are MCM Fundraising, and we have helped many groups kickstart their elementary school fundraising campaigns over the years. In an era of Connecticut school closings, teacher and staff reductions, budget shortfalls still exist. In Connecticut elementary schools, fundraising is being used to supplement school budgets. Money needs to be raised to supply students with supplies, books and activities. Last year Governor Malloy’s spending plan slashed funds to most Connecticut schools. Parents do not want to see arts, music and other critical programs cut from their children’s school curricula. One remedy for raising needed money is with fundraising. One example of statewide budget cuts is described in the article link below:

Tough Cuts: New Haven Budget Shortfall Reduced By More Than $10 Million

Offer Products that Sell Themselves

MCM Fundraising is a company that has six simple programs from which to choose. Our fundraising products are manufactured by three companies: Lyman Orchards®, Otis Spunkmeyer® and Kansas Maid™. The fruit and cream pies and fruit crisps are provided by Lyman Orchards, a Connecticut destination well known to locals. Your committee decides which combination of delicious, fast-selling frozen treats you wish to feature in your fundraiser. Your students and parents are asked to sell ready-to-bake, high quality fruit pies and crisps, braided pastry products, and cookies. The products are recognized for their quality and can be stored in the freezer until ready to bake. Once your school is known for its ‘Braided Pastry’, Frozen pie or fruit crisp or Frozen cookie dough fundraising, future sales of these items are going to be very easy. Every Fundraiser begins with a goal – click the link to our contact form and tell us what YOUR goal is!

At MCM we have designed our fundraisers with you in mind so they are simple to understand, easy to sell, and conveniently delivered to your organization, meeting or practice! There are premade templates for Announcements and Emails provided for your convenience on our Resources Page.  MCM fundraisers are designed with you in mind so they are simple to understand and easy to sell. Take advantage of partial case ordering, quick turnaround time and convenient FREE delivery right to your organization. You will enjoy up to a 50% profit margin on the items sold. Now THAT is success! Join us this school fundraising season and enjoy sweet success! Call 1-888-774-5889 today.