HS Sports Fundraising CT
HS sports fundraising

HS Sports Fundraising CT

Creative HS sports fundraising can keep your wrestling, lacrosse, tennis, fencing, and football flush with funds for the season. Many Connecticut cities have had to make do with less money in the budget, and the large city high schools are taking a hit. More affluent communities are able to charge the parents of student athletes a fee to fund for their programs. Less affluent communities have had to turn to crowdfunding, and some sports have been cut.

When an urban high school football program suffers a multimillion dollar shortfall  for replacement equipment,  it’s not just the program that is affected. When a high school football team is still using ten year old helmets because they cannot afford new, safer equipment, padded helmets, home and away jerseys, or sweatshirts, it is essential to implement a no-nonsense fundraising program. Many schools have had to discontinue one or more of their varsity programs completely.

Hundreds of high school sports fundraising committees call upon MCM Fundraising to earn the money needed throughout the school year. Why MCM Fundraising? Rather than try to come up with the next new gimmick for solicitation of funds, they do what has proven to be successful all over the region. The MCM Fundraising Programs are easy to implement, offer products manufactured by well known brands that sell any time of year, and are of consistently high quality. Our products are enjoyed by people of all ages, appropriate for use in all seasons.

When you choose MCM Fundraising and our six easy programs, the entire student body will find it easy to meet and exceed their goals. At MCM, we are partners in your success and give you all the tools you need to promote your efforts on social media. We have scores of ideas on how to motivate and engage students and teachers as they work toward their fundraising goals. Since our well-known products tend to sell themselves, your committee leaders can use creative incentives to inspire teams to bring in the most sales.

Products that Sell Themselves

MCM Fundraising is a company that has six simple programs from which to choose. Our fundraising products are manufactured by three companies: Lyman Orchards®, Otis Spunkmeyer® and Kansas Maid™. The Lyman fruit and cream pies and fruit crisps are provided by Lyman Orchards, a Connecticut destination well known to locals. Your committee decides which combination of delicious, fast-selling frozen treats you wish to feature in your fundraiser. Your students and parents are asked to sell ready-to-bake, high quality fruit pies and crisps, braided pastry products, and cookies. The products are recognized for their quality and can be stored in the freezer until ready to bake. Once your school is known for its ‘Braided Pastry’, Frozen pie or fruit crisp or Frozen cookie dough fundraising, future sales of these items are going to be very easy.

MCM Fundraising has had the pleasure of working with hundreds of school fundraisers in the northeast region. With the MCM Fundraising Team on your side, some enthusiastic support from your teachers, and an inspired student body, you can quickly earn the funds needed. Our service area encompasses much of New England and parts of New York State. We offer six fundraising Programs that feature outstanding products that all generations will enjoy. So leave the online crowdfunding alone and call MCM Fundraising at 1-888-774-5889 today.

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