Product Fundraising for Schools – Manchester CT
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Product Fundraising for Schools – Manchester CT

Product Fundraising Works

Product fundraising for schools can be a slam-dunk success in towns like Manchester CT.  Fundraising pays for services, programs, books and supplies that cost more than the schools are budgeted for. High school sports programs and all the associated costs like insurance, transportation, and publicity fall into this ‘underfunded’ category. Activities, dances, class trips, yearbooks, computers and lab equipment are big issues in Connecticut schools. Our elementary and high schools are always called upon to do more with less funding.

MCM Fundraising is a professional fund raising company that has partnered with hundreds of Connecticut schools, youth groups and associations in the northeast. We have a few school fundraising tips that may help your group increase revenues next fundraising season. According to the Association of Fund-Raising Distributors and Suppliers, more than 75% of Americans agree: “Product fundraising sales are an important financial resource for America’s schools and youth programs.” It is not uncommon for schools to run between five and ten campaigns per year.

Get the Principal of your school involved. 

Tell fundraising supporters how their money is being spent. 

Have fewer fundraisers. 

Call on MCM Fundraising to kick off your program and meet your goals. We take the guesswork out of publicizing your drive, show you how to manage a social media campaign, and furnish plenty of ideas to motivate your teams. When you give your students an incentive to bring in the most sales, the sky is the limit! How are we different? The product lines we offer for sale in our 6 Programs are favorites with people of all ages. Parents enjoy having frozen goodies for their children to snack on over the summer. The Lyman Orchards® Pies and Crisps, Otis Spunkmeyer® Cookie Dough and Kansas Maid™ Braided Pastry are great sellers! Join us and enjoy sweet success! Call 1-888-774-5889 today.

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