Product Fundraising Made Simple – Charlton MA
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Product Fundraising Made Simple – Charlton MA

Look to the MCM Fundraising Team for product fundraising made simple. With MCM Fundraising, your Charlton MA schools can quickly meet or exceed your goals. We understand that fundraisers can be a challenge to manage. We are fundraising distributors of some of the best loved food products available:

•  Butter Braid® Pastry

•  Otis Spunkmeyer® Cookie Dough

•  Joyful Traditions Cake Roll

•  Lyman Orchards® Pie

Our Fundraisers are simple to understand, easy to sell, and conveniently delivered to your facility. Our outstanding products and brands sell themselves, while earning your school up to a 50% profit! MCM Fundraising helps your organization organize, publicize and inspire your team. When your school staff, team leaders and students are engaged, the sky’s the limit! We show you how to generate excitement in the community.  If you have not achieved the enthusiasm, interest, or profit margin you need for your school fundraising campaigns, we are here to help. The MCM Fundraising Team has tons of experience  in the greater New England region.

Call on MCM Fundraising to kick off your program and meet your goals. We take the guesswork out of publicizing your drive, show you how to manage a social media campaign, and furnish plenty of ideas to motivate your teams. When you give your students an incentive to bring in the most sales, the sky’s the limit! The product lines we offer for sale in our 6 unique Programs are favorites with people of all ages. You know the parents enjoy having frozen goodies for their children to snack on all season long. The Butter Braid® Pastry, Otis Spunkmeyer® Cookie Dough , Joyful Traditions Cake Roll and Lyman Orchards® Pies are great sellers! Work with us to raise money for all your supplies, activities, sports equipment, and trips. The MCM Fundraising Team wishes you Sweet Success! Call 1-888-774-5889.

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