School Fundraising Bennington NH
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School Fundraising Bennington NH

Searching for ideas for school fundraising program in Bennington NH? Choose from winning programs that do the hard work for you. It takes creativity – motivation – and a winning product line from MCM Fundraising Inc. Creative, successful school fundraising programs are more important than ever. All over New England, high school athletic budgets just aren’t paying the expenses. Budget cuts chip away the money available to the students every year and fundraising is an important activity.

MCM Fundraising becomes your committee’s high school fundraising partner. Traditional programs and school activities are disappearing due to budget cuts. We will demonstrate that our fundraising programs will quickly raise money your school needs. For tried and true programs that result in quick sales, you must offer products that will appeal to people of all ages. Your community will look forward to your fund raisers again and again. We have scores of ideas on how to motivate and engage students and teachers as they work toward their fundraising goals. Since our well-known products tend to sell themselves, your committee leaders can use creative incentives to inspire teams to bring in the most sales. Teams compete for the highest sales, which is the point of your efforts. MCM Fundraising is here to help you succeed.

Product Fundraising Programs that Succeed

The products selected for our fundraising products are big sellers. First we choose brands that are widely recognized for high quality. Another consideration is wide appeal over all age groups. Food items are premium quality, sell quickly, keep for a while in the freezer and are easy to prepare. Our flagship products are manufactured by Lyman Orchards®, Otis Spunkmeyer®, Joyful Traditions and Butter Braid Pastry™.  The frozen Otis Spunkmeyer® Cookie Dough selections offer tried and true favorites.

Leading the way with our food products: the Original Butter Braid Pastry! “Thaw and serve” Joyful Traditions Cake Rolls joins the list. Select from strawberry cheese cake, pumpkin, red velvet and chocolate, all filled with a delectable cream cheese frosting.

We believe your students should not waste the time and energy trying to reinvent the wheel brainstorming a new and different fundraising approach. MCM Fundraising has proven time and again that our products sell quickly, and your supporters look forward to purchasing your Butter Braid pastry and frozen cookie dough. Apply your energy to working a winning fundraising plan. With the MCM Fundraising Team on your side, you can quickly earn the funds needed in a short time. Our service area encompasses much of New England and parts of New York State. We offer fundraising Programs that feature outstanding products that all generations will enjoy. Join us this school fundraising season and enjoy sweet success! Call 1-888-774-5889 today.

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