School Fundraising in MA

School Fundraising in MA

Engaging Teachers in School Fundraising

School fundraising in Massachusetts pays for services and supplies that cost more than the schools are budgeted for. High school sports programs and all the associated costs like insurance, transportation, and publicity fall into this ‘underfunded’ category. Then there are textbooks, class trips, laptops and computers, lab equipment, textbooks, activities, educational field trips, and yearbooks. Massachusetts schools are always called upon to do more with less funding.

Having stated the obvious, how can you get your very busy teaching staff on-board with school fundraising? Teaching staff are not required to participate in fundraising. As over-worked employees that may be under-paid as well, what incentives would you employ to encourage participation in your school?

For decades, teachers have found it necessary to purchase supplemental classroom supplies from time to time. Teachers that understand that the proceeds from your campaigns will benefit their class and make their jobs easier are more likely to get on board with your fundraising. Teachers that are enthusiastic about a campaign are likely to inspire their students to participate. Make it easy for teachers to provide notifications and order forms for their students.

Incentives for school fundraising campaigns

Provide incentives for everyone to be on-board with the fundraising campaign. Teachers want to provide more learning opportunities for their students whenever possible. Make incentives meaningful and educational.  To get them to stand behind your efforts, ask your teachers what they want – or need –  in their classrooms. Get them on board!

We are the MCM Fundraising Team, your number one source in the greater New England region for successful school fundraising programs.  In Massachusetts schools, money budgeted for school programs, supplies, and high school sports may be short. There are laptops and computers, lab equipment, textbooks, activities, field trips, yearbooks, and school sports expenses. In this economy especially, it is critical to choose a school fundraising company with the experience to guide your team and offers the best loved product lines.

Call on MCM Fundraising to kick off your program and meet your goals. We take the guesswork out of publicizing your drive, show you how to manage a social media campaign, and furnish plenty of ideas to motivate your teams. When you give your students an incentive to bring in the most sales, the sky is the limit! How are we different? The product lines we offer for sale in our 6 Programs are favorites with people of all ages. You know the parents enjoy having frozen goodies for their children to snack on over the summer. The Lyman Orchards® Pies and Crisps, Otis Spunkmeyer® Cookie Dough and Kansas Maid™ Braided Pastry are great sellers! Join us and enjoy sweet success! Call 1-888-774-5889 today.


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