Spring School Fundraising RI
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Spring School Fundraising RI

Call MCM Fundraising to help your committees coordinate your Rhode Island spring school fundraising campaigns. MCM will help you maximize your team’s efforts, publicize your drive, and get more sales to support your cause. MCM makes the process simple to understand and easy to sell.

Fund Raising builds character in your elementary and high school students. It requires teamwork, goal-setting, and pride in their school. It helps to have a choice of six winning programs. We suggest you try an MCM Fundraising campaign proven to be successful time and again. The frozen Otis Spunkmeyer® Cookie Dough selections offer tried and true favorites. Otis Spunkmeyer® Cookie Dough is the frozen cookie dough that has sweet benefits and taste for your group. Each 2.5 pound box comes with approximately 36 one-ounce pre-portioned cookies.

We understand that fundraisers are essential for your budget but they can be challenging to manage at times. With the MCM Fundraising Team on your side, your school Fundraising Committee can expect to meet or exceed your fundraising goals. MCM Fundraising takes the guesswork out of organizing your Team, providing incentives and guidance, and generating the enthusiasm to inspire students to outdo one another in sales.

At MCM we have designed our programs with you in mind so they are simple to understand, with easy to sell products that are conveniently delivered to your organization, meeting or practice! There are premade templates for Announcements and Emails provided for your convenience on our Resources Page. Take advantage of partial case ordering, quick turnaround time and convenient FREE delivery right to your organization. You will enjoy up to a 50% profit margin on the items sold. Now THAT is success! Call 1-888-774-5889.


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